I think I saw the encrypt/decrypt functions somewhere. Where?

These tools were made possible due to several factors but the most important thing is that I spent a lot of time researching how to handle these sockets from linux, but without much success. And so I took the hard way. I decompiled the Chacon Home application with JADX and so I found the encryption key (among other goodies). I started studying how I could make a script in bash or php (I prefer this two), so when looking for information on how to build my tools I came across the FHEM forum where there are a lot of technically good people which makes that forum very interesting from tech point of view (it seems to be one of the few normal forums and that's why I warmly recommend it). There I found the encryption/decryption functions that were done by SebiM. I would just adjust them to my needs, I sincerely thank him for his work, because he spared me a few days :).